Streetstyle inspiration for this week

I am now quite obsessed with the 90’s vintage style, especially the grunge style. Messy hair, seemingly unorganized layers, and slouching style. Now I would like to share some of the 90’s slouching style inspirations here.

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Streetsnaps for Fall

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Here we go, some of my favorite streetsnaps for fall. You can surely find inspirations here. Let’s have a look.

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Prints in Style This Fall

Though fashion weeks have been over, the discussion about fashion weeks is still continuing in the fashion world. It would be for a while that I will talk about fashion weeks a lot, especially focusing on the streetstyles that recorded during the fashion weeks. The first impression I got about the streetstyles of fashion weeks is all the eye-popping prints and bright colors. Obviously, this fall won’t lack any colors, on the contrary, it would be a quite colorful energetic autumn.

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LFW Streetstyle Picks

Now we moved on to Milan Fashion week. It is also time to do a review of the past London fashion week. Here I’d like to start with the runway-like streetstyles, among which there are many “wow” bold looks shocking your eyes. Prints on prints, dramatic accessories, intense color combos, and fantastic layers, all are the highlights and themes of the streetstyles during London fashion week.

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Go Round–the New Trend of Sunglasses

Undoubtedly, sunglasses have become more and more important accessories to complete one’s fashion style. With and without the sunglasses can make a huge difference to one’s look. I may say nine out of ten stylish fashion goers who stand out in the crowd must wear a pair of chic sunglasses. Now they are not only protectors to eyes in summer but also the must-have fashion item for all seasons. This seaon, the wind of vintage style also blows into the design of sunglasses. Yes, that’s right, round sunglasses in retro style are in trend this year. Haven’t got one yet? Now don’t go behind the trend and update your wardrobe timely.

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Leopard Print Is Still Hot!

Leopard print is quite popular last year, but hey, it is still hot this season and will continue the heat to next season. You can find it everywhere from top to skirt, from bags to shoes and from belt to hat. Now sheer maxi leopard print skirt is right on my recent wish list.

All photos from the glamourai 

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Streetsnaps on New York Fashion Week

The whole fashion world is being busy with fashion week right now. Except those amazing fashion shows, streetsnaps on fashion week are also as inspiring and fantastic as the shows. Stylish fashion editors, buyers, bloggers and stylists just turn the street outside the fashion shows as their own runway to present their wonderful taste and also show us the newest trends. Are you ready to enjoy the fabulous streetsnaps from fashion week in the next few weeks?

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